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VIDA 12.0 rewards works of art developed with artificial life technologies and related disciplines: robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. It is looking for works of art with emerging behaviours, which evolve over time, react with their environment and seem to have a life of their own. VIDA 12.0 is searching projects that relate technology with biology and that research synthetic characteristics of modern life.
In previous editions, prizes have been awarded to artistic projects created with robots, avatars, recursive chaotic algorithms, knowbots, cellular automata, computer viruses, virtual ecologies that evolve with user interaction, interactive architectures, augmented reality pieces and works that explore the social aspects of A-life.
A total of €40,000 will be awarded to the three projects selected by the jury: First prize: €18,000(*), Second prize: €14,000(*), Third prize: €8,000(*). The winning pieces may be exhibited at Fundación Telefónica Virtual Gallery and in the exhibitions related to art and new technologies it organises or takes part in.
Works of art submitted must not be more than two years old. This enables the Competition to keep updated and aware of the last technological trends in the field of artificial life.
VIDA 12.0奖项给予支持那些与人工生命技术相关,或者与机器人、人工智能等等法则关联的艺术形式。希望找寻那些具有(仿生)行为表现,那些根据时间进化,在其特定环境中互动或具有自我生命迹象的艺术作品。VIDA 12.0探索与技术/生物技术和合成特征相关的现代生活。
奖金一共有40000欧元,分别有三个层次,一等奖18000欧元,二等奖14000欧元,三等奖8000欧元。获奖者作品将于Fundación Telefónica Virtual画廊呈现,参赛作品必须是2007年之后创作的新作品。以保证比赛的时效性。
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