TASML | Carroll Fletcher 中国艺术家海外驻留奖公开征集方案
本驻留计划向中国大陆,台湾,香港以及海外中国艺术家开放。 截止日期:2013年5月10日,申请文件必须使用英文,申请人须有英文交流能力。

在伦敦当代艺术画廊 Corroll / Fletcher 画廊的支持下,TASML 很高兴宣布新一轮中国艺术家国际驻留奖的设立。本奖项旨在为新兴中国媒体艺术家提供独特的机会,进入若干国际上极具创新力的媒体艺术及设计实验室, 从事在艺术及科技交叉学科间的前沿性研究和创作。自2013年3月至2015年2月, 每年将通过项目公开选拔向2位中国艺术家颁发该奖。本奖项还与“夏季驻留:国际(媒体艺术)人才网”合作,将使得奖艺术家有机会量体裁衣,从全球合作实验室自选对口实验室进入驻留。得奖人将获得奖金用以制作,旅费,住宿及生活开支。

Eye of the Storm 暴风眼

2009/06/08 10:49 | 分类: info | by lizhenhua
Interested in how artists are responding to today's hot issues in science and society? Join artists, scientists and social scientists at this conference exploring belief and experiment, dissent and discord, big science, high finance, geopolitics and the legislation of uncertainty around subjects including climate change, biotechnology, genetics and astrophysics. From esoteric arguments over the structure of the universe to highly charged public controversies around the use of stem cells, Eye of the Storm brings together an extraordinary international group of artists whose work playfully and provocatively intervenes in science, scientists at the heart of these controversies, and other experts to spark two days of dynamic conversations about our changing world.
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