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*LAB推荐此研究,这一研究来自学者Annika Hossain,她之前的研究涉及这一问题中早期参与艺术家在风格上是如何与双年展辉映的,而近期的研究则趋于向更加深入的探究和搜寻当时的文献资料,找到其中所隐含的政治/国家主义/文化之间的关系。
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At a time when the notion of life is once again located in an uncertain domain, a wide range of artistic initiatives come together to illustrate and investigate this phenomenon; they examine the impact on the collective conscience and the way it is manifested in cultural, technological and social thought.
Over the last decade, in the same formal space, VIDA has been bringing together inter-disciplinary projects that respond to this situation. By means of formal strategies that defy the boundaries between existing practices, these projects offer new ways of reflecting on what we understand by life and artificial life.
Fundación Telefónica announces the VIDA 13.0 Art & Artificial Life International Competition, which for the last twelve years has awarded prizes for artistic projects using technological mediums offering innovative approaches to research into artificial life.
西班牙电信基金会宣布,VIDA 13.0艺术与人工生命的国际比赛,在过去12年中授予了很多基于技术媒介探索和研究人工职能的艺术项目奖项。

The projects may be based on systems which emulate, imitate or speculate on the notion of life through current research and technology. These systems may involve attributes of agency and autonomy which display specific behaviour, are dynamic, react to their surroundings and evolve, and which question the frontiers between what is alive and what is not, between synthetic and organic life.

As in previous years there are two categories to the competition: 与往年一样有两个类别的比赛:

In this category VIDA 13.0 will award prizes to artistic ALife projects developed after 2008. The sum of 40,000 Euros will be shared between the projects
selected by the jury: First Prize: 18,000 Euros, Second Prize: 14,000 Euros, and Third Prize: 8,000 Euros. In addition seven honourable mentions will be awarded.
VIDA13.0将颁奖给艺术人工生命领域,2008年后开始的项目。 40000欧元总奖金额分为,陪审团:一等奖:18,000欧元,二等奖:14,000欧元选中,三奖:8000欧元。另外还有7个荣誉奖项。


In this category VIDA 13.0 helps to fund artistic ALife projects that have not yet been produced. This is aimed at citizens or residents of countries comprising Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The sum of 40,000 Euros will be shared between the selected projects.
The winning projects will be subsequently exhibited at the VIDA Gallery, http://www.fundacion.telefonica.com/arteytecnologia/galeriavida/. and may be presented in exhibitions related to art and new technologies organised by Fundación Telefónica or in which it takes part.
VIDA13.0帮助艺术人工生命尚未制作完成的项目。这是针对拉丁美洲、西班牙和葡萄牙的国家的居民。 40000欧元的款项将分配给选定的项目。
获奖项目将在随后的VIDA画廊展出,http://www.fundacion.telefonica.com /arteytecnologia/galeriavida/。并有可能在西班牙电信基金会或其伙伴组织的相关艺术与新科技的展览中展出。


Period for submission of projects: from 19th July to 7th November 2010. 期间提交的项目:从7月19日至11月7日2010年。

JURY 评审团(评委)

The works submitted will be examined by an international panel composed of José-Carlos Mariátegui (Peru), Mónica Bello Bugallo (Spain), Nell Tenhaaf (Canada) Rodrigo Alonso (Argentina), Simon Penny (USA/Australia), Zhang Ga (USA/China) and Francisco Serrano (General Director of Fundación Telefónica).

Queries may be addressed to the FAQs section of the website, by e-mail to vida@telefonica.es or by calling (0034) 91 584 23 00.
查询可向网站的常见问题部分,通过e - mail至vida@telefonica.es或致电(0034)91 584 23 00。

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