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Synaesthesia Discussion Opening Announcement

Synaesthesia is a term used to describe the neurological condition where two sense modalities interact in human perception. Some cases are described as seeing colours while reading numbers or letters, tasting shapes or listening to tones while looking at a painting.

A whole genre of visual and media art has been inspired by the concept of "visual music"; Some experimental curricula have also been developed in art education in order to study the interrelationship of findings in synaesthesia research with the study of art and cognition as a broader discipline. However, very little has been done so far towards the direction of creating an appropriate social environment for children who share these extraordinary abilities, in order to help them develop new ways of creative problem solving and share their experiences of alternative ways of thinking in general education.

Reports of synaesthetic experiences are considered to have specific patterns to suggest for identifying abstract narrative structures in specific artworks. Such reports describe experiences like seeing moving shapes, forms, and lines interacting with space while listening to music or vice versa. Art genres, such as intermedia art, visual or kinetic poetry may also be synaesthetic forms of art, including hybrid art forms that interact with media performance, space and architecture. An example is the new ARS ELECTRONICA opening performance :
联觉体验的报告被认为具有特殊的方式,能帮助确定某些特定艺术作品的抽象叙事结构。这些报告描述了一些体验,例如当你听音乐的时候你会看到运动的形体、样式、线条与空间彼此作用,反之亦然。某些艺术形式,如媒介艺术、视觉诗歌或动态诗歌,也可以被认为是联觉艺术形态,也包括一些与媒介表演、空间和建筑互动的混合艺术形式。例如,新ARS ELECTRONICA的开幕表演:

Art historians have already performed research on the synaesthesia case of certain poets and visual artists, such as Wassily Kandinsky. We also have descriptions of composers like Oliver Messiaen and Gyorgy Ligetti that document how they used their synaesthesia to explore and elaborate their
compositions by drawing inspiration from visual forms. Relatively less is known about abstract artists who experimented with film or other time - based visual media such as interactive or virtual environments and site specific installations.
艺术史学家已经研究了某些诗人和视觉艺术家的联觉活动,如Wassily Kandinsky。我们还有一些像Oliver Messiaen和Gyorgy Ligetti的作曲家们的描述,这些描述记录了他们如何使用联觉,借助来自视觉形式的灵感,来探索并创作曲目。相对来讲,我们对抽象艺术家的所知甚少,他们实验性地尝试电影和其他基于时间的视觉媒体,如互动或虚拟环境和指定场地的艺术装置。

In this discussion we wish to examine and elaborate on a number of specific questions:

1. How have artists used scientific concepts of synaesthesia in the past?
2. Can a creative environment help synaesthetic children to develop their abilities?
3. Why is there so little exchange of knowledge on synaesthesia between artists and scientists?
4. Do artists and scientists speak different languages when it comes to synaesthesia? Or are they speaking about different subjects/aspects?

Moderator of this discussion is:

Veroniki Korakidou, PhD. Researcher at the University of Athens, Communication and Media Department, NT Lab. She holds an MPhil in Cultural Studies and Human Communication from the University of Athens (2003), an MBA in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production from the Groupe HE-ICHEC in Brussels (2001) and a BA in Communication, Media and Culture from Panteion University in Athens, Greece (2000). She has authored and co-authored a number of publications in International Conference proceedings, books and International Journals. As an artist she has participated in film festivals, workshops and cine/theater productions. She is co-organizer of the e-MobiLArt 2008-9 Project: www.media.uoa.gr/emobilart and the representative of Greece to Leonardo Education Forum (LEF) since 2007.
Veroniki Korakidou,博士学位。雅典大学传播与媒介部NT实验室的研究员。她获得了雅典大学的文化研究和人类传播的哲学硕士( 2003年),并在布鲁塞尔获得了Groupe HE-ICHEC的视听多媒体制作专业的工商管理硕士学位( 2001年),以及希腊雅典Panteion大学的传播、媒介与文化的学士学位(2000年)。她在国际会议的记录、书籍和国际刊物中撰写并联合撰写了一些出版物。作为艺术家,她还参与了许多电影节、工作室和电影和戏剧创作。自2007年,她担任了e-MobiLArt 2008-9项目:www.media.uoa.gr/emobilartde的合作组织者,以及Leonardo教育论坛(LEF)的希腊代表。

Respondents are:

Cretien van Campen is scientific researcher, author and editor in social science and fine arts. He is affiliated as a senior researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Social Research and moderator of Synesthetics Netherlands, the web community of synesthetes in the Netherlands. He is editor of the Leonardo online bibliography Synesthesia in Art and Science. His latest book is The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia in Art and Science (MIT Press 2007). He has published in the fields of the senses, perception & art and health, happiness & well-being.
Cretien van Campen是在社会科学和美术方面的科学研究者、作家和编辑。他是荷兰社会研究所的高级研究人员,也是“荷兰联觉”的主持人,荷兰联觉是在荷兰的“联觉”网络社区。他是Leonardo艺术与科学的联觉在线书目的主编。他的最新著作是:隐藏的感觉——艺术与科学的联觉(麻省理工学院出版社,2007年)。他已在感官、知觉与艺术,健康、快乐与幸福等领域出版了一些书籍。

Jack Ox has been engaged with the visualization of music for 35 years. As such, her interest in relation to Synesthesia has been well known. She has also served on the editorial board of Leonardo for 20 years, and co-edited with Jacques Mandelbroijt, "Synesthesia and Intersenses"(1999-2001). Her current project is the Gridjam; a multi-media collaboration of music, visual art, science and technology with Alvin Curran composer, the Del Sol Quartet, and Anthony Braxton, all playing in different venues around the globe but appearing together as 3D avatars inside of Ox's and Dave Britton's Virtual Color Organ, inside the Desert Organ Stop, a 3D group of rock and land formation that operate as a metaphor for an orchestra, and includes real time VR visualizations of the music.
Jack Ox 35年来致力于实现音乐的视觉化。众所周知,她非常关注联觉。她担任了20年的Leonardo编委会,并与Jacques Mandelbroijt共同编著了“联觉与互感”(1999-2001年)。她目前的项目是Gridjam ;这是与作曲者Alvin Curran,the Del Sol Quartet和Anthony Braxton在音乐、视觉艺术和科技领域的一种多媒体合作,虽然他们在全球不同的场地演奏,但在沙漠器官站中,将岩石和陆地的三维组合作为乐队的象征,他们会以Ox和Dave Britton的虚拟彩色器官内部的三维头像出现,这就是实时的虚拟现实的音乐视觉化。 http://www.jackox.net/pages/gridjamIndex.html

Hervé-Pierre Lambert: ENS, Agrégation, Docteur es lettres, Centre de Recherches Littérature et Poétique Comparée. Paris X Nanterre. Latest papers (selection): « Proust et les neurosciences », www.epistemocritique.org , 01/09. « Géographie imaginaire du roman posthumain de langue française », Etudes francophones, University of Louisiana, 12/ 08. « Les Manifestes dans le courant de l'imaginaire posthumain », Revue Itinéraires LTC, Paris XIII, 09/ 08. « Littérature, arts visuels, neuroesthétique », www.epistemocritique.org 01/08. « Le laboratoire comme atelier d'artiste », Recherches en esthétique, 12/07. Latest conferences (selection): 10 /08 Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico:  « Bio-art et art cognition en France », « L'imaginaire posthumain : the french version ». 11/07: « Neuroaesthetics, neurological disorders and creativity», MutaMorphosis, Prague.

Elizabeth Seckel is a third year undergraduate student majoring in physiology and neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego. She is a research assistant at the Center for Brain and Cognition at UCSD, studying under Dr, V. S. Ramachandran, best known for his experiments in behavioral neuroscience. Elizabeth has also worked as a great escapes western region intern at Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, helping seriously ill children cope with their fear and isolation through entertainment and education, and a production intern for Weapons of Mass Entertainment, helping to launch a tour that would appeal to young adults. Elizabeth is also an avid gymnast, trampolinist, and bungee jumper.
Elizabeth Seckel是在美国圣地亚哥的加州大学主修生理学和神经学的三年级本科生。她是UCSD的脑与认知研究中心的研究助理,并在V. S. Ramachandran博士的指导之下学习,V. S. Ramachandran博士因为他在行为神经学方面的实验而著名。Elizabet还是星光儿童基金会(Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation)的西部大逃亡地区的实习生,通过娱乐和教育帮助患重病的儿童面对恐惧和孤独,同时她也是大众娱乐武器媒体公司(Weapons of Mass Entertainment)的制作实习生,协助开展能吸引年轻人的旅游计划。Elizabeth也是体操、蹦床和蹦极运动的爱好者。

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