Babak Afrassiabi

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Babak Afrassiabi
艺术家简介:Nasrin Tabatabai 和Babak Afrassiabi

Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi are Iranian artists currently based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Their work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Latin America, the United States and throughout Europe. In 2004, they initiated a long-term collaborative project called Pages. Their work with Pages includes architectural proposals, video documentation, and multi-disciplinary art projects and installations. They have also published six issues of the bilingual Farsi/English magazine Pages (
Nasrin Tabatabai和Babak Afrassiabi是目前基于荷兰鹿特丹的伊朗艺术家。他们的作品已收录在拉丁美洲、美国和整个欧洲的个展和群展中。2004年,他们发起了一项名为“页面”的长期合作项目。他们的作品包括建筑方案、视频档案及多学科的艺术项目和装置。他们还出版了六期波斯语/英语的双语杂志页面(。

Through Pages, Tabatabai and Afrassiabi critically examine art, culture, urbanism and social issues. While maintaining a focus on the particularities of the Iranian context, they also examine possibilities for interaction and reflection between various local discourses. They continually search for conditions that may generate spaces of critique or instances of critical practice, and for ways to surpass predefined and geographically bound discourses of subjectivity, identity and locality.

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