eARTS上海电子艺术节 在柏林

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eARTS 2010 VI_IKON deisgn

eARTS 2010 VI Concept from IKON design from LAB on Vimeo.

Ikon is one of the leading design company in Beijing, the founder is Suhang and Qin Zheng

eARTS 2010 Exhibition Deisgn_ Zheng Yunhan

eARTS 2010 Exhibition design_ Zheng Yunhan from LAB on Vimeo.

Yunhan have been working for architecture agency since late 90s, he is not only a good artist, along with his style of research experience, he is always dealing with the very detail of space and concept



Zielinski @transmediale 10 from LAB on Vimeo.

future observatory talks



Digital China 2010_1 from LAB on Vimeo.

some video clips for the project in Berlin, Feb 9th, 2009


Digital China 2010_2 from LAB on Vimeo.

video clip from the project in Berlin, Feb 9th, 2010


Digital China 2010_3 from LAB on Vimeo.

symposium on creative city and creative industry...


Digital China 2010_4 from LAB on Vimeo.

symposium with shanghai and berlin for creative city creative industry...


Paul Pfeiffer from LAB on Vimeo.

Paul Pfeiffer "The Saints"

10 October 2009 - 2 May 2010

Paul Pfeiffer's ground-breaking video and sculpture works explore the power of image culture and reflect how images are made. His works invite the audience to shift focus. The centerpiece of this exhibition is Pfeiffer's sound and video installation "The Saints", a restaging of the legendary 1966 World Cup final between West Germany and England in London's Wembley Stadium.

Executed in London, "The Saints" was commissioned in 2007 by Artangel. Inaugurated in the fall of that year, it was shown in an empty warehouse very near the legendary Wembley Stadium. In the meantime, thanks to the generous support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund, London, it was acquired for the collection of the Nationalgalerie. Based on original film and sound materials, this video and sound installation illuminates and re-stages the most important sports event in European post-war history. Paul Pfeiffer hired approximately 1000 Filipinos who gathered in a movie theater in Manila, the Philippines, where they cheered and chanted in accompaniment to a re-staging of the 1966 match.

The overwhelming sound of masses cheering and chanting accompanies the visitor while watching Pfeiffer's "Empire" (2004, on loan from Julia Stoschek Foundation e.V.) that shows the real time of the creation of a wasps' nest over the course of three months. The mental space evoked by the sound also materializes upon encountering Pfeiffer's sculpture "Vitruvian Figure" (2009, on loan from Sammlung Goetz), a huge model of a sports stadium.

The exhibition takes place in the context of the Asia-Pacific Weeks. The Asia-Pacific Weeks are supported by the Stiftung deutsche Klassenlotterie.


Jewish Museum Berlin from LAB on Vimeo.

the matel faces and sound...walk on them, you may find something....

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