PCF Prize 2009

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PCF Prize 2009

Liang Shaoji's Solo Show at PCF Office_Dec 15th, 2009

PCF_Liang Shaoji_091215 from LAB on Vimeo.

PCF office have hold the show from Liang Shaoji, and Hou Hanru is invited for a intro to the artist

Speed Dating at Amsterdam muziekgebouw_Dec 16th, 2009
12:30-3:00PM Mondriaan Foundation

Speed Dating from LAB on Vimeo.

Mondriaan Foundation's project, leting people meeting people

PCF Prize Ceremony_Dec 16th, 2009

1#PCF Prize_091216 from LAB on Vimeo.

every year they giving prize to people from 3 world countries globally...


2#PCF Prize_091216 from LAB on Vimeo.

W139_Dec 17th, 2009

W139_Amsterdam_091216 from LAB on Vimeo.

one of the interesting art space in Amsterdam

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