Futuresonic 2009 未来音速

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HeHe - Nuage Vert / The Wheel
13-16 May 2009 五月十三至十六日
Futuresonic 2009 and the Social Technologies Summit will take place 13-16 May 2009, featuring world premieres of astonishing artworks, an explosive city-wide music programme, and visionary thinkers from around the world. The festival has four strands - Art, Music, Ideas and EVNTS - and occupies the orbits of art, performance, music, design and digital culture. Now in its 14th year, Futuresonic is the UK's leading festival for digital culture, and this year was nominated for the prestigious Lever Arts Prize. An urban festival experience, it is anticipated that over 50,000 festival visitors will engage with 300 artists and 100 events across 30 venues.
未来音速09将在09年13-16日,展出来自全球的艺术作品、音乐演出和那些具有远见的思想家的讨论。整个艺术节分为4个部分:艺术、音乐、思想、EVNTS(艺术、表演、音乐、设计和电子文化的活动、比赛)。至今项目已经有14年的历史,未来音速是英国重要的电子文化的艺术节,今年被Lever Arts Prize提名成就奖。一个关于城市艺术节的体验,整个艺术节有30个文化场所、100个文化项目和300位艺术家,将有近50000人共同参与这个盛会。

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