this is exactly the point I am interested in. The misreading/the misunderstandings as elements to validate a proper discourse and definition of what you called “life”.  The problem that I always see and that it is actually a huge card in favor of Asia is that Asians know about Western civilization and cultures much more than European or Americans know about Asia.
It’s the real reason to do the ‘post sense and sensibilities’. Later on (I) began to oppose conceptual arts, which is why the symposium held by Huang Zhuan in 1998 in He Xiangning Art Museum (何香凝美术馆) was a real academic forum. The article I presented was ‘The Zone of Errors in Conceptual Art’; it was written for that forum. The forum was on in September or October but I had finished writing it in March or April because, well, a book was intended for publication….


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VIDEOEX 邀请你提交作品参加瑞士国际竞赛单元(报名截止日期为2009年1月31日)
Each artist featured in China, China, China makes work that is rooted in their local context and yet participates in an international art arena. The result is a collection of fascinating and uncompromising works that give new depth to our understanding of what it means to live in a society which finds itself in the process of immense change.

freipass fur alle? NEIN

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