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From the 80s with the beginning of consciousness of freedom and individuality in Chinese contemporary art, into the 90s with east-west cultural conflict in contemporary art and intellectual discussions, towards the new millennium with the beginning of our discussion on the subject of globalisation. 中国国际画廊博览会举办四年以来,一直致力于关注当代艺术中的文化变迁现象,2007年5月,中国国际画廊博览会将联合艺术策划人李振华先生举办[ 综合媒体艺术国际实验室暨论坛]。
Courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi, Florence
24 April - 12 July 2009

*LAB推荐此次项目,由艺术家杨韬策划,因为这个项目杨韬付出了很多的努力,终于可以在北京展现DAITO这位来自日本的人机互动大师的现场,DAITO的作品已经被ARS Electronica博物馆收藏,展示在关于机器人研究的先进成果领域,希望DAITO的艺术创作可以为科学研究带来不同的视角,LAB感谢杨韬和所有支持这个项目的人与机构。
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Toward a Science of Consciousness 2009 面向有意识的科学    
Investigating Inner Experience -  Brain, Mind, Technology 探索内在的经验——大脑、思维、技术

中国香港Hong Kong, China    
June 11-14, 2009六月十一至十四日

Researchers and scholars throughout the sciences, humanities and arts are invited to the 15th international interdisciplinary scientific conference on consciousness. The Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference will be held in Hong Kong from June 11th to 14th, 2009. Plan now to attend and join in the dialogue.

The event is part of a larger Asia Consciousness Festival that will include workshops, cultural events, and other Conferences on topics such as cognitive informatics, and artificial general intelligence that are scheduled in June.

To register for TSC you must create an account at The University of Arizona login page. [Click here to register]
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