Born in 1973, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.
He moved to the Netherlands and studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and in the Sandberg Institute. Specializing in Art and Audio-visual Design, his work was presented in galleries and festivals around the world.

艺术家Nan Hoover

2009/02/04 23:17 | 分类: Dutch Media Search | by lizhenhua
Born in New York, May 12, 1931 – died in Berlin, June 9, 2008
It is with deepest sadness that we bid farewell to Nan Hoover
She was one of the most important international pioneers of video and performance art
以最深切的悲痛,我们告别Nan Hoover
I've met several talented interaction designers and new media artists who have to accept jobs they are not exactly thrilled about in order to be able to "work on their own stuff" in their leisure time.
Who are we?
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