This solo exhibition of the work of Yang Fudong features a series of his recent pieces. As a highly-regarded figure in the field of contemporary art, Yang Fudong and his art practices highly merit extended attention and study. Critics, curators, and scholars constantly return to one question: What has an artist brought to the Chinese contemporary art scene? In important respects, the evolution of Yang’s art reflects the development of Chinese contemporary art. Therefore, to have a close look at the works in this solo exhibition can be seen as a process of understanding the past and present of contemporary art in China.

DAITO in Beijing 大度在北京

2009/04/28 20:13 | 分类: Articles | by lizhenhua
Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou: which city is the most important? Beijing, in which the 2008 the Olympic Games will take place; Guangzhou, the location of the trade fair; or Shanghai, where the World Expo will be held in 2010? The emergence of such metropolises is truly very exciting for us, but also gives me cause for worry. I am concerned that the "symbol of China" is now just a game between the large cities or stands for the political and economic isolation of other geographic areas.

Prince Claus Fund from LAB on Vimeo.
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